2020 by Anzen Aerospace Engineering S.L

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At Anzen we are at the forefront of Safety and Reliability model based software developments.

This is the reason why we have been selected by the European Space Agency - Business Incubation Center (ESA-BIC) Madrid Region where we are developing our I+D projects with the ESA technical and financial support.

This recognition has been achieved after a very demanding selection process where featured members from the ESA, CDTI or INTA among others have evaluated and validated our project.

It is a common agreement that Model Based Safety Analysis is the most relevant improvement in future safety techniques applicable to the whole set of relevant safety fields: aerospace, railway, automotive, medical or nuclear among others.


Therefore, new tools and methodologies have to be developed in order to satisfy future safety demanding.

Anzen is currently working in the implementation of its own MBSSE developed tools with the ESA-BIC technical and financial support, contributing to the improvement of the safety engineering of the future.