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Anzen collaborates with leading VTOL companies, providing them support in the development of the necessary Safety documentation to get the certification by the civil authorities.

We offer a high valuable expertise in the orientation of the Safety documentation according to ARP4761A and ARP4754A, and we provide deep knowledge about CS 23/27.1309 and SC VTOL.2510 making the development of the documentation an agile and cost efficient process.

Anzen is also involved in the development of the civil Safety assessment guidelines at european level in Eurocae ( for VTOL and UAS), being part of the following working groups:

WG 63 Complex Aircraft Systems

- WG 63 SG 1: Applicability of Existing Development Assurance
and System Safety Practices to UAS and VTOL.

WG-112 Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL)

WG 113 Hybrid Electric Propulsion.

WG 105 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Several SG related to Safety and airworthiness.

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