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Anzen is composed of top safety engineers with extensive experience in the whole development of RAMS analysis for aerospace and defence components and systems.

At Anzen we are focused on the quality of our services, and all of the engineers of our team have years of experience working as consultants for companies and institutions as Airbus, Pilatus, Indra or INTA.

Our personnel selection process is strict in terms of the experience required, and all our projects are supervised by our technical managers.


Aerospace Engineer with experience as Safety and Reliability consultant for Airbus Defence and Space.

Master in innovation and extensive experience in entrepreneurship, business development and administration.

CEO and Co-founder

Pablo de la Cruz

Aeronautical Engineer with more than 10 years working exclusively in the Safety/Reliability and certification domain.

Recognised Safety Engineer with wide experience working as authority at INTA.

CTO and Co-founder

Jesús Escudero

More than 33 years in the aeronautical sector, holding positions of high responsibility in the companies CASA, EADS, MTAD, Airbus China, ADS and Alestis Aerospace in the areas of General Management, COO, Industrial Operations, Strategy, Costumerservices, Procurement and Logistics.

Wide International experience.

Executive partner at http://3jit.com/

Strategic partner

Jose Antonio Veroz

Aeronautical Engineer with MBA focused on the aerospace sector.

Senior Safety/Reliability Engineer profile with extensive management experience in several aerospace companies .

COO and Co-founder

Víctor Moyano

Aerospace Engineer with master in management of aeronautical companies.

Senior Safety/Reliability Engineer with experience working for top aerospace  and defence companies.

Project Manager and Co-founder

Juan Carlos Serrano

Career developed in different areas of responsibility in Companies such as Aena, Airbus, Alestis and in large Construction and Building companies. In the Industry and Aerospace Sector for 34 years in different positions of responsibility, Engineering Management, Plant Management and Operations Management in the multinational Airbus.

Executive partner at http://3jit.com/

Strategic partner

Jesús Espinosa



At Anzen, we provide our services globally. We are aware that our mission is not bounded and we offer our engineering safety and reliability services to companies around the world.

Even so, our focal points are located in Madrid (Spain), Lucerne (Switzerland) and Munich (Germany) and available when our customers need a physical meeting.