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In Anzen we participate in some of the most relevant defense programs.

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Our heritage in leading defense programs makes Anzen the best partner to assess and develop system safety documentation.
The new complex engineering processes, which implement concepts such as “System of Systems” (SoS), require world-class specialists in system safety to ensure the highest quality along the whole V-cycle process both for aircraft level integrations and systems / components level.

Safety for the new “System of Systems” concept

The importance of including safety from the initial stages of an SoS is a key aspect to identify interdependences and hazards. Modeling and simulation should be considered from the initial stages to help identify risks before they occur. Instrumentation and data collection systems becomes more relevant than ever before. It is important to establish an interdisciplinary process for evaluation and feedback of lessons learned, as well as the Inclusion of SE (Safety) in operational organization during the phase of Systems of Systems operations.