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Our team of systems engineers and Safety and Reliability specialists are here to help ensure success of space missions.

We cover a wide range of services, including reliability prediction analysis both at system and component level, product assurance, safety analysis and FDIR (Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery).

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We are also getting ready for new mission concepts, reinforcing our capabilities in areas such as:

  • Reliability: tailoring analysis for COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf), especially suited for New Space companies and disruptive mission concepts.
  • Availability: space-based infrastructure providing critical services for our daily activities (communications, GNSS, natural catastrophe protection…).
  • Maintainability: new mission concepts featuring on-orbit servicing and on-orbit assembly, with possibility to replace faulty and obsolete components.
  • Safety: especially relevant for manned missions (including the upcoming initiatives of space tourism and outer space exploration.

Our services help ensure the long-term sustainability of space activities, extending the operating lifetime of space vehicles and guaranteeing the safe and reliable operation of space assets up to the end of the mission (including decommissioning and deorbiting).

The concept of Safe Missions

From the ground segment to the space systems, the space sector is increasing the effort devoted to system safety.

A space system can be developed over the course of more than twenty years, investing large amounts of money in engineering and manufacturing.
Despite the fact that many of the space missions are unmanned and they do not represent a risk for humans, they often have a high economic risk.

For that reason, the industry is being aligned with aeronautics by redefining safety as a critical factor.