Document generation templates

Atica4Capella is fully compatible with M2Doc plugin for document generation.

  • This plugin allows to automatically generate documentation using fully customizable and reusable templates.
  • Our team has prepared specific templates for exporting the system description and the safety analysis features introduced with ATICA in a format compliant with the typical documentation standars of the aerospace industry.


M2Doc shall be installed in Capella using the Update Site capability.

In Capella, go to Help->Install New Software and add the location of the update site plugin (pick the last available version from here).

M2Doc will be installed, including its dependencies.

After installation, we can start preparing the templates (more info and tutorial here).

Functional breakdown and Functional Hazard Analysis

Our team has prepared specific templates for exporting the system description, Functional breakdown and the Functional Hazard Analysis.

The following image presents an example where the Functional Hazard Analysis developed in Atica4Capella is automatically exported to a Word file:

These templates are fully customizable. The aspect and content could be fully adapted to the needs of any company and industry (company logos, headers, document reference, table of contents, introductory sections etc.).
For more information, demo or specific customizations, please get in touch.