2024 | 01 – New year’s resolutions

A new year but still the same objective: to consolidate a model-based safety and dependability analysis framework useful for designing the systems and products of tomorrow.

During 2024 we will focus in consolidating the first three of our ATICA modules:

  • Requirements toolbox
  • Model Based Safety Analysis
  • Reliability Analysis Framework

while we initiate the initial development of the other three, introducing more advanced functionalities needed to ensure the correct design and operation of autonomous systems.

Requirement toolbox

The requirement toolbox allows to import requirements from a requirements database (such as Doors) and link these requirements to elements in the model.

Model Based Safety Analysis

New features have been introduced, improving traceability of failure elements across different architectural layers.

A new FMEA functionality is also under consolidation and will be ready soon included in ATICA4CAPELLA plugin.

The team is also working in a new feature to support Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) directly linked to the model elements, a good intermediate step to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis before full model-based safety analysis adoption.

Reliability Analysis Framework

This new plugin allows to perform part-level analysis, specially suited to analyze reliability of EEE components.