Reliability Analysis Framework

The Reliability Analysis Framework (RAF) extends ATICA features allowing to perform analysis at part (component) level. It is specially suited to fulfil the needs of designers of electronic equipment and RAMS teams.

ATICA_RAF extends the End-Product Breakdown Structure (EPBS) layer of Arcadia, providing additional functionalities to model basic components (EEE parts) and define part-level failure modes.

Upwards traceability is ensured by ATICA metamodel and the Failure Modes and Effects Summary (FMES) feature.

Extended ATICA metamodel

RAF plugin brings additional attributes to the ConfigurationItem elements of the EPBS layer; allowing to declare Part Numbers, Manufacturers and to specify dependability-related data for each component.

The now extended ConfigurationItem elements can also contain PartFailures, a new feature that refines and extends the FailureMode elements defined at the Physical Architecture layer.

Bill of materials

A table representation is provided to summarize the main attributes of each ConfigurationItem present in the product.

Piece-part FMEA

Failure-Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) performed at component level. This new representation allows to analyze and describe part-level failures and link their effects to other elements in the model.

Failure Modes and Effects Summary

This feature allows to group part-level failures producing the same effect, providing a summary to the next immediate layer of analysis (typically Physical Architecture) and abstracting out the relevant information for systems engineers.

This plugin is under development.
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