Introduction to ATICA

ATICA is a model based safety analysis (MBSA) toolbox compatible with multiple model based systems engineering (MBSE) frameworks. ATICA integrates a safety perspective into the more general framework of digital engineering, allowing to implement a safety analysis tool directly linked to other digital tools used to support the design and development of complex systems.

ATICA4CAPELLA is an extension of Capella. Capella is a model based systems engineering software tool that implements the Arcadia framework for describing complex system architectures maintaining traceability from the high level mission description (operational analysis) down to the solution definition (physical architecture). The framework proposed by Capella and Arcadia could be applied to any kind of system, thanks to the generic systems engineering concepts that are used.

  • The following picture presents a schematic view of how the Capella/Arcadia concepts could be easily transposed to the ARP4754a standard, a reference for systems engineering in the aerospace domain.
  • The framework can also implement other systems engineering standards such as INCOSE.

ATICA | MBSE Tailoring

ATICA4CAPELLA allows to define safety artifacts (such as failure conditions and failure modes) and link these failures to the system model. The analysis is done across the layers of the systems engineering process, allowing different perspectives and levels of abstraction depending on the system of interest and phase of development.

  • The framework has been specially tailored to fit the needs of the aerospace industry, however the general concepts of the safety plugin are applicable to a broad range of applications in automotive, railway, energy and almost any technological industry.


The toolbox is modular, allowing collaboration between systems engineers and safety specialists, using Capella and Arcadia as modeling platform, extended with the safety features enabled by the plugin.

ATICA | MBSA Framework

RAMS stands for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety.


Follow this link to download and get started with ATICA4CAPELLA.

Checkout this webinar about ATICA and ATICA4CAPELLA

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