Installing Atica4Capella Plugin


ATICA4CAPELLA is an addon for Capella MBSE. It requires previous installation of the Capella toolbench:

  • The latest Capella version can be downloaded from here.
  • ATICA4Capella currently supports Capella versions 5.2, 6.0 and 6.1.


Follow this link to download and get started with ATICA4CAPELLA.

Plugin installation

  • Unzip the plugin contents into the dropins folder in the Capella installation directory (usually under C:\Program Files\Capella\capella\dropins or similar)

Unzip contents in dropins folder


Restart Capella after placing the plugin in the dropins folder.

Add the feature in Capella as a dropin

After starting Capella, check if the dropin was correctly loaded: go to Help/About Capella and then click on Installation details. The dropin shall appear in the Plug-ins tab.

In case of problems, in the Configuration tab log information is available to debug problems:

Activate the viewpoints

In case the plugin is of the Viewpoint kind (extension of modelling features, custom diagrams and tables etc. ATICA4CAPELLA is a Viewpoint plugin), one more step is needed to finalize the activation of the plugin.

  1. Click on Window / Show View / Other... and select Viewpoint Manager
  2. A new window Viewpoint Manager will appear with the list of available viewpoints. Click on the system project (.aird file on the project tree) and then select the plugin, click right with the mouse and click on Reference. This will activate the plugin.

After activation, a folder named "MBSA Package" shall appear under System Analysis. Then, create a new System Architecture Blank diagram, activate the safety perspective (on the upper bar in the diagram) and the Failure Condition creator will appear in the diagram creator palette.

⚠️ Warning

If the plugin is deactivated, the "MBSA Package" folder will be removed with all its contents. Capella creates a backup copy of the project before removing all the new features enabled by the plugin.