Installing Atica4Capella Plugin


ATICA4CAPELLA is an addon for Capella MBSE. It requires previous installation of the Capella toolbench:

  • The latest Capella version can be downloaded from here.
  • ATICA4Capella currently supports Capella versions 5.2, 6.0 and 6.1.


Follow this link to download and get started with ATICA4CAPELLA.

Note that currently two different releases are provided: Atica4Capella (5.2) and Atica4Capella (6+). Both links are provided after submitting the registration form:

Plugin installation

Atica4Capella assets are distributed as Update Site plugins. In order to install them, follow these steps:

  1. First download the zip file and place it somewhere in your local directories (no need to unzip).
  2. Open Capella, go to Help->Install New Software...
  3. Install the plugin using the Add button, select Archive and locate the zip file in your directory. You can save the location for later adding a name to it (optional).

For users of Capella desktop application, check the first box. In case the collaborative version is needed to use ATICA together with Team For Capella, check the second box (more info here).

something like this will appear just after:

  1. Click Next >, first a screen describing the contents to be installed will appear and just after the information about the software licence will be displayed.
Plugin contentsLicence acceptance

  1. After this, Capella will need to be restarted in order to finalize the installation.

    It is possible that Capella reports a warning about unknown software provider. The installation can be resumed, in case of issue please let us know.

  2. Quick check: after restarting, click on Help -> About Capella -> Installation Details. Atica shall appear under Installed Softwareand/or Plug-ins tab

Activate the viewpoints

In case the plugin is of the Viewpoint kind (extension of modelling features, custom diagrams and tables etc. ATICA4CAPELLA is a Viewpoint plugin), one more step is needed to finalize the activation of the plugin.

  1. Click on Window / Show View / Other... and select Viewpoint Manager
  2. A new window Viewpoint Manager will appear with the list of available viewpoints. Click on the system project (.aird file on the project tree) and then select the plugin, click right with the mouse and click on Reference. This will activate the plugin.

After activation, a folder named "MBSA Package" shall appear under System Analysis. Then, create a new System Architecture Blank diagram, activate the safety perspective (on the upper bar in the diagram) and the Failure Condition creator will appear in the diagram creator palette.

⚠️ Warning

If the plugin is deactivated, the “MBSA Package” folder will be removed with all its contents. Capella creates a backup copy of the project before removing all the new features enabled by the plugin.